sábado, 24 de septiembre de 2011

Si a un ejecutivo de una empresa importante la empresa le paga el esquema de seguridad (incluyendo la gasolina), gastos de representación, viáticos, etc. ¿por qué tanto escándalo porque el estado le pague el equivalente a un Senador?

Because in a company the budget is not spending my money. The Congress expenses are paid with taxes money, so it shouldn't be destined to luxuries. Besides that, the perception of politicians is that they do too little actual work for the salary they are receiving and in most cases that work is sloppy or intended to benefit themselves and/or their sponsors instead of the society. That's why when they ask for more money it feels like they don't deserve it, unlike a manager in a private company who needs to show results in order to keep his job (and salary).

How does it work in other countries such as Sweden? I bet that, in proportion, the Congressmen there earn less money and do a lot more work.

Ask me anything. I deal better with "why" and "how" than with "what".

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